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I figured how to do HTTP POST in PHP. Hurray! I smacked my head hard until I got this. The tutorials are easy to follow, but! The mod_curl is disabled at this freehost and fopen() URL access too. But the most misterious file HTACCESS is the only rescue. I tought it is disabled too. I tried setting PHP flags there and PHPinfo confirmed that it is possible to enable url access in fopen.

The awesome guys at AZET.SK fixed email reading on my phone! However There were no problems a month ago. I love my Nokia.

Web of Trust portal will be on my site.

Ujal som sa dôležitej úlohy. Zverejniť časopis našej triedy na Internet. Začal som s Retro Spektrom od Mircosoftu to som upravoval a zmodernizoval aj dokumentácia je napísaná. Teraz musím zmobilizovať spolužiakov aby niečo napísali.

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