Chemistry of Alcalic Chlorates /chm /chmp

This pages are about various reactions involving sodium or potassium Chlorate. Sodium (I) or Potassium (I) are two very similar ions so let me reffer to both NaClO3|chem and KClO3|chem as Chlorates unless I state otherwise.

Chlorates are powerful oxidisers, mixed with any fuel (like sughar, carbon, celulose), form highly reactive pyrotechnic substances. This Chlorate mixtures explode or burn very fast.

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I milled the Chlorate crystals in my ball mill with steel balls and the results are amazing. After a day I got fine powder. To mill aluminium, lead balls are better however.

The Chlorate crystals are too big to be used in compositions. I cleaned my ball mill of aluminium powder. It is now milling the Chlorate crystals with lead milling media.

You can not mill Chlorate crystals with lead balls. The Chlorate crystals mill the lead balls. The test batch is black of lead and useless. I dissolved it and put into the bottle for junk electrolyte.

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