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Brodpak is a collection of mods for Minecreft 1.7 centered around GregTech 5. This modpack greately affects the gameplay.

Work In Progress…


Base mods


First get a minecraft[1] laucher. Open the Laucher, select version 1.7.2, select installation directory, start the game, close the game and laucher. Then install the modpack below. And do not forget to run the forge installer (included in modpack).

Psst! There is also a cacked laucher, which does not require paid account.

You can browse the modpack files but downloading them all in one archive (below) is more convinient.

Update 140804

Fixed the ores not generating. Actually made the game playable.

  1. Go to your minecraft installation directory.
  2. Delete mods and config directories (if they exist)
  3. Download and extract new mods and config there
  4. Download and extract the new world there

Offline Multiplayer

Since we do not have the resources to run a multiplayer server, we came up with an unique solution.

There exists only one map. And the map is shared between all players. Once in a while players submit their maps to administrator. The map is then merged and distributed to all players.

Every player gets one or more large square regions of the map reserved. Only the owener of the area has permission to build and dig there. In all other areas players have permissions only to visit, look around and use minecarts.

Once in a longer while players meet at local party, where they cooperate in a shared region.

Map and Players

Use the iFrame below.

How to play


  1. Use flint tools in early game.
  2. Press ‘r’ in inventory to find all crafting recipies of the item under your pointer.
  3. You need Hammer to harvest Coal and Diamonds.
  4. Use Hammer to crush blocks in the world.
  5. Ores usually spawn in large veins. See config/gregtech/WorldGen.cfg.
  6. To harvest Iron ore, you need Iron pickaxe. Mine Small iron ore to get your first Iron.
  7. Start with Steam machines. Use Bronze Blast Furnace to get first steel.
  8. Do not use IndustrialCraft, it is not worth it.
  9. Use steam turbine to get electric power.
  10. Use NEI. And look into item subsets -> creative tabs.
  11. Read tooltips of all Gregtech tools.


First thng you do in minecraft is probably mining so lets talk about it.

Spawning of ores is mostly affected by GregTech. There are som exceptions, like Quartz from AE, that spawn randomly in small ore veins.

Mayority of them is generated by GT. GT ores are generated in very large veins. Vein is genrated at random height, every 48 blocks horizontally. So if you find a vein, go to surface, move 48 blocks north, south, west or east and somewhere below you should be another vein.

Theese ores are best found by exploring caves or ravines or stupidly digging straith down. Also these ores are ignored by Miner(machine) for no reason. Tunnel Bore from RailCraft still works. Also try right-clicking a stone with hammer.